Flyline Images

License Agreement

Last Updated: July 18 2018

This license agreement between you and Flyline Images, provides further explanation for how our photos, images, videos (collectively known as “content”) can be used. By downloading photos, images, videos (“content”) from our site, you accept the terms of this license agreement.

Types Of Licenses We Offer

We offer both a “Royalty Free” and an “Extended Use” license for our (“content”). Our license options are further defined below.

Royalty Free

Photos, images, videos (“content”) purchased from Flyline Images come with a Royalty Free license. Royalty Free means you may utilize the (“content”) you purchase for personal use. The Royalty Free license allows for unlimited, perpetual use of the (“content”). Unlimited use, means the purchaser may use our (“content”) for personal use, as often as desired. Perpetual, meaning the Royalty Free license has no expiration or end date.

Extended Use

An “Extended Use” license is required for customers who wish to use our photos, images, videos (“content”) for commercial purposes. You may not commercially use, or resell our (“content”), without obtaining our express written permission, and purchasing an “Extended Use” license.

Restricted Use

Royalty Free does not mean you can commercially use, or resell our photos, images, videos (“content”). You may not commercially use, or resell our photos, images, video (“content”), without an “Extended Use” license. Companies or individuals who wish to obtain an “Extended Use” license, must contact Flyline Images to explain how you would like to utilize our (“content”). If we decide to agree to your request, we will make an “Extended Use” license available for purchase. The offer of an “Extended Use” license is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to refuse to provide an “Extended Use” license, for any reason we choose.

License Permissions Intended For Purchaser

Royalty Free and Extended Use licenses are extended to the actual (“content”) purchaser only. You may not sell or transfer “Royalty Free” or “Extend Use” license permissions that we extend to you as the purchaser, to any individual or business entity, without our express written permission.

Unlawful Use Cancels Your License

No unlawful use of our (“content”) is permitted. You may not use our (“content”) in pornographic, defamatory, or any unlawful manner. Your use of our (“content”) must not be in violation of any applicable governmental regulations. Any unlawful use of our (“content”) immediately voids your Royalty Free or Extended Use license permissions.

Content Removal

Flyline Images may discontinue licensing of (“content”) of our choosing, at any time, at our sole discretion.

Termination Of This Agreement

Flyline Images may terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason.