America’s First National Park

Geysers, Rivers, Mountains, Fishing, Hiking

Yellowstone is the very first national park ever established in the United States. The park is actually larger than some states in America. The park is so big that parts of it lie in three different states, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. The majority of the Yellowstone park lands are located in the northwestern corner of Wyoming.

We are really proud of our Yellowstone photo collection. People who visit our website always compliment us on this section of our site. We invite you to take all the time you want on the site to view and enjoy all the gorgeous images. When we created the Yellowstone collection, our goal was to ensure that we treated our site visitors to virtual tour of the park. To accomplish that, our content team visits the park each year. They gather images of rivers, mountains, geysers and the incredible wildlife.

The fee to enter Yellowstone is minimal. Our team was just there in 2018 and paid $35 for a week long pass. The park does offer an annual pass and that fee was $70 dollars, at the time of our visit in September. Prices for commercial tour services depend upon the seating capacity of the vehicles entering the park.



Yellowstone River Collection

Our Yellowstone river collection is awesome. We have taken beautiful photos the majority of the major waterways in the park. The sites includes lots of gorgeous images of the Garner River, Lamar River, Madison River, Firehole River, Slough Creek, Soda Butte Creek, Gibbon River and the absolutely breathtaking Yellowstone River. All of these rivers offer opportunities for fly fishing. Most hold rainbow and brown trout. Some of these rivers have populations of native cutthroat trout, whitefish and grayling.

Firehole River

The Firehole river is one of the most scenic waterways in the park. This beautiful stream flows through the Upper Geyser Basin area, which includes the famous Old Faithful Geyser.

Gardner River

Sections of the Gardner River offer some great fly fishing opportunities. There are also some sections of the Gardner, that have hot springs and are open to swimming.

Gibbon River

Park visitors really enjoy the Gibbon River Falls. That section of the Gibbon River is one of the most photographed in the park.

Lamar River

The Lamar Valley is one of our favorite destinations. The Lamar River flows right through the heart of this scenic area. The Valley attracts wildlife of every type and form. It offers plentiful grass and the river ensures the wildlife won’t have to go far for water.

Madison River

One of my absolute favorite fly fishing destinations in the park. The river holds a variety of trout species, including rainbow, browns and some native cutthroat. This waterway is also utilized by the wildlife in Yellowstone. You can expect to routinely encounter Elk, Buffalo, Coyotes, Geese, Ducks and many other wild park inhabitants.

Slough Creek

If you love hiking and fishing, a day at Slough Creek could be just the thing for you. The hike into Slough Creek will take several hours, depending on which section of the river that you want to fish. The photos included in our Slough Creek collection were taken at or just above the First Meadow.

Soda Butte Creek

Yellowstone has all kinds of rivers, lakes and waterways. Some of the rivers are large, wide bodies of water. Soda Butte Creek is a beautiful, small stream. This stream is one of the few areas in Yellowstone that still supports a large population of native Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout.




Yellowstone Wildlife Photo Collection

You are going to love our Yellowstone wildlife collection. We have worked hard to build one of the best Yellowstone collections you will find anywhere. That has required frequent visits to the park. What a great job right! Our wildlife collection includes bears, buffalo, coyotes, elk, geese, marmots, moose, osprey and more.

North American Antelope

Yellowstone National Park has one of the largest populations of Antelope in the United States. These unique four legged creatures are known to be the fastest animals in north America. Getting photos of Antelope can be really challenging. They tend to gather in small herds in Yellowstone. Most of the herds we have seen have been further away from roads and people. Seems like Antelope like their privacy and feel more secure when they are in areas less frequented by humans.  Yellowstone is the one place in America though that you might encounter an Antelope walking right across a road. We have had our best luck getting images of Antelope, during trips into the Lamar Valley.

Black Bears & Grizzly Bears

Yellowstone has both Black Bears and Grizzly Bears within the parks boundaries. The Black Bear population is much larger than the Grizzly population.  In fact, the population of Grizzly Bears in the park is estimated to be less than 1,000 animals. Years ago, seeing bears in the park was routine. Today, park personnel work diligently to discourage bears from coming into proximity of humans. That change in policy is credited with helping the Grizzly population to recover.

Buffalo Photo Collection

We have one of the best stock photo collections of North American Buffalo that you will find anywhere. Each image you purchase comes with a royalty free license. The bison images we offer were taken in Yellowstone National Park. Many of the images in our Bison collection were taken in the Lamar Valley, others were taken during trips into the Hayden Valley. Buffalo roam freely throughout the park. A few of the photos in our collection were taken at higher altitudes in the park, near places like Mount Washburn.



Yellowstone Elk Collection

Getting great photos of Elk in Yellowstone can be challenging, depending on the time of year you visit the park. The Elk in Yellowstone roam freely through the entire park. Many of the best photos that we have been able to get have come during trips near Lake Yellowstone, Grant Village and the Upper Geyser basin. We have also had great success in finding some gorgeous Elk herds in Mammoth Springs and in the area between Mammoth and the Roosevelt Tower District.

Moose In Yellowstone

In speaking with Yellowstone park rangers, they have conveyed that the moose population in the park is thought to be pretty small. These creatures are truly majestic, but, for our photographers, they have proven to be some of the most elusive and private animals in the park. Most of the rangers we have spoken with in Yellowstone have universally advised us to travel into the Grand Teton National Park in our search for Moose. They advised that Yellowstone just doesn’t have the great Moose terrain that these gorgeous animals enjoy in the Tetons.